• Live Music, Satori Sounds is a direct source to Miami’s most skillful musicians. With decades of experience playing live music in Miami for concerts, restaurants, hotel conventions, and weddings, our CEO, Rodolfo Troncoso, is joined by a network of the city’s most beloved talent. We hand pick live music performers that will enhance the vibe for any occasion.


  • Live Sound services, How loud is too loud? Satori Sounds specializes in delivering crisp and powerful sound to fill your event space without overdoing while carefully blending in to the design of your event.


  • Event lighting Lighting is an essential element to the design of your event. Let us paint the atmosphere of any setting with a balanced array of ambient light to match decor or reinforce branding. Or allow our lighting technicians to create a flashy display of color that compliments live performances and product showcases.


  • Presentation services We understand that flawless execution is key to successful communication of a company’s message. We provide video projection, spotlighting, and staffed technicians to seamlessly transition through each stage of a presentation for your company’s general session, quarterly meeting, or product showcase. We are also equipped to provide live and remote streaming services for global employee meetings and live entertainment events.


  • Media Production, Our headquarters at Satori Sounds is a fully equipped media production house. With decades of collective experience, we are masters of studio recording and music production, video editing/animation and post production, and graphic design.


  • Equipment Rental Services,  Satori Sounds can deliver an arsenal of equipment for live events, indoor/outdoor venues, and conferences.