Studies show that a venue with a bad audio environment or one that is not in line with its theme can affect your sales negatively by as much as 33%. This is why we use our audio education to customize music services to your space and the theme of your business.



We have a wide range of musicians and entertainers, including guitarists, saxophonists, DJ’s, singers, violinists and percussionists. We will be happy to prepare a quote for you that matches your vision and budget. We take into consideration audio equipment needs, space, the acoustics of the venue and audience size. We also curate music and handle scheduling for hotels and restaurants.



We handle every aspect of the live music at your venue. First, we have a conversation with you to understand your brand, venue and event needs and then we find the acts that match those needs. Next, we schedule, handle payment and screen all performers based on the following points: professionalism, reliability, talent and appearance. Finally, we will have regular check-ins with you to ensure that the budget and music choices are working out for you.



We will ensure that all performers are lined up for the schedule you request. We will professionally and responsibly handle all cancellations and last minute changes so you do not have to worry about any hiccups in the schedule or performance. Every detail is communicated to the performer in advance, such as: rules of conduct, directions and audio equipment needs.



Our musical director will work with each performer to customize music choices and to find the proper audio equipment needed to enhance your brand and the atmosphere of you business for maximum impact to your customers.

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