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Video Recording

Capture the magic of an amazing event or moment with quality video. Our team of award winning videographers are ready to produce anything from archival video to full television productions such as documentaries or music videos.

Post Production
The Juan Areco Musical documentary is in
The Juan Areco Musical documentary is in

What happens after video is filmed with a camera? Turning footage into movies does not happen automatically. Having a clear vision for your final product and a skilled editor that can bring your vision into life is of most importance. Our studio facility in North Miami is a full post production studio for video and audio. We will work with you to create exactly the kind of videos you want to have.

Voice Over and Narration

Whether you are recording an audio book or adding more information to a video our studio is equipped to record and edit audio for any purpose.

Customized Music
First Instagram photo ever_)

Our production team also includes music producers that can create royalty free music for any of your productions. We use the principles of Audio Architecture to create music and sounds that are in line with the theme and feel of your brand.

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